Bestway Sidewinder AC Air Pump – Black

Suitable for inflatable beds, furniture and more
Comes with three different valve adapters
Features an inflation and deflation setting

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Seven OceanS® Emergency food rations sea

In survival situations, one 500g pack provides enough nutrition to last one person 72 hours. Features in ‘Life of Pi’
Ration requires no preparation and may be eaten directly from the box
Each 500g gives 10,300 kJ or 2,500 kcal and contains the highest possible ratio of balanced nutrition compared to volume

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TURBOFLAME Ranger Black | Windproof Military Field Lighter | Perfect Mini Blow Torch For Camping and Outdoors

The amazing Ranger burns with double-power jets of high velocity blue flames that never fail to impress. A must for those who want to have a reliable lighter in the field which is excellent to work in all weather conditions. It can be used as a blow torch for heating metal, seal rope, cut line, melt plastics, light hexi in seconds, shrink wire joints, soften p-tex, seal fly ties, patch fibreglass, blast rust. Great for repairs outdoors.
The handy flip cap opening allows easy one handed operation –e.g., when hanging on the side of a cliff and perhaps you need to light something! The powerful twin flames don’t bend and as a result can deliver a roaring high temperature heat where needed – even upside down!
The rubber safety cap detaches from the lighter body to avoid cap overheating during continuous flame use. When using the continuous flame lock you can hold the lighter in one hand and reach tight spots such as gas pilot lights and lanterns.

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