Hitopin Portable Travel Prayer Mat with Compass Pocket Sized Carry Bag and Attached Compass Praying Rug Portable Nylon Waterproof Easy Praying Mat 60 * 100cm

✔ 4 Stabilization Corners with Iron: to Avoid wind Blowing
✔ Water Proof Nylon Material: to Avoid Rain and Water Penetration
✔ Convenient Pocket Style: Anywhere you go, Anywhere you Pray

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VVAY Jet Flame Torch Fire Ignition lighter Gas Butane Refillable, Utility Long Reach Lighter for BBQ, Stove, Kitchen Cooker, Hobs (Sold without Gas)

Powerful single jet flame, gas refillable, adjustable flame size, Handy Flame lock function
Gas Indicator:Easy to see the gas level through the gas window
Easy Adjustable Flame:(No extra tools needed) turn the black knob at the bottom of the lighter to adjust the flame size

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