Diaphragm Water Pressure Pump, 116Psi 60W High Effective Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump, Self-priming High Pressure Pump for Boats, Yachts, Caravans, Camping, Outdoor, Garden Watering and Washing

【Complete functions】 This Self-priming pumps can be widely used in garden sprinklers, showers, boats, caravans or faucets in caravans. Agricultural use: pesticides, pesticide sprays
【Energy saving control】 This Diaphragm Water Pressure Pump with pressure switch will automatically cut off when the pressure at the water outlet is high enough. And run again when the pressure drops, the current consumption is extremely low, and provides high capacity output, energy saving and environmental protection
【High-performance buffering and sealing】 Use high-quality silicone PE or PU pipe to connect the water inlet and outlet, high-quality leak-proof performance. Mounting feet are rubber instead of hard plastic, which provides good vibration isolation

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