XIMU Electric Lighter, Double Arc Lighter Touch Control USB Rechargeable Portable with Battery Display Plasma, Flameless & Windproof Lighter with Vertical Electrode for Cigarette/Candle/Pipe

【Safety lighter】This electric lighter adopt unique and fashionable, portable and rechargeable lighter design. No gas / butane fuel required, USB lighter compatible all standard USB port, max light 100-150 cigarette after 1 hour full charging
【Windproof & Flameless】Our electric lighters can adapt to many harsh environments, such as ignition in high winds, or ignition for urgent need of fire outdoors, which is a difficult with traditional lighters. Please avoid direct contact with water, as it may damage the arc.
【10’s automatic shut down】The usb lighter will save your money on gas lighters or cheaply made arc lighters. Upgrade the chip for safety reasons. After using it once, you need to close the cover and reopen it before you can use it again to prevent accidents caused by children or pets not touching properly.

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