VVAY Double Arc Plasma Windproof Electric Lighter Flameless USB Rechargeable Battery Lighter

Stylish – stylish and with a great design, also comes in a nice presentation box so great to give as a present.
Windproof – offers quick and easy ignitions both indoor and outdoor, no need to cover the lighter with your hand on a windy day.
Rechargeable – it comes with a USB cable, no jet of flame to set your face on fire, no raw thumb from rolling a striker wheel, no need to refill, just recharge.

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VVAY Jet Flame Torch Fire Ignition lighter Gas Butane Refillable, Utility Long Reach Lighter for BBQ, Stove, Kitchen Cooker, Hobs (Sold without Gas)

Powerful single jet flame, gas refillable, adjustable flame size, Handy Flame lock function
Gas Indicator:Easy to see the gas level through the gas window
Easy Adjustable Flame:(No extra tools needed) turn the black knob at the bottom of the lighter to adjust the flame size

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VVAY Outdoor Camping Permanent Match Lighter with Keyring (Sold without Fluid)

Permanent Match ► Strikes to light, need to add lighter fluid
Portable Size ► Dimensions: 7.5 x 1.8x 1.8 cm; weight: 45 g, easy to carry it around
Metal Keyring ► Comes with a metal keyring, the diameter of the key ring is 2.45 cm

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