Dr.meter Electric Balloon Pump, Portable Piggy shape Balloon Inflator Air Blower for Christmas Decorations, Party, Wedding, Birthday, Promotional Activities and Festival Decoration

Instant, Efficient Inflation: Feel exhausted to manually blow the balloons? Why not fetch this electric balloon pump to get the heavy inflation work much easier? It takes just 2-3 seconds for each (less than a hour for 100 balloons), effortlessly and efficiently! Spend less time decorating and more time celebrating!
Semi-automatic Mode: The electric air blower is rather convenient to use. Just connect the device to power, press the nozzle to pump and release it after the balloon reaches desired size. Semi-automatic mode lets you fully control the airflow. Note: Do not pump constantly for over 15 min. Allow 10 min to cool down before next use to prolong pump lifespan.
Cute and Lightweight: Shaped like a piggy, the air inflator is rather cute and lightweight. Easily bring it to the site to inflate balloons for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, bachelorette parties, Christmas, Easter, events and promotions, or just because whenever you need. It doubles as a great ornament to the site too.

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